There are different features that give antiques their appeal and value: beauty, rarity, age, utility, craftsmanship, etc. But having an emotional connection to a piece is probably the number one reason people keep that piece for decades. When our clients come to us with a custom request our goal is to have them fall in love with the creation. And when they do, we’ve essentially created a future antique.

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Restoration is more than bringing a piece back to its original state. A restored piece typically has emotional, historical or even spiritual value. When we’re asked to restore a piece, we’re essentially being asked to restore the past.

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When we’re asked to restore a piece, we’re essentially being asked to restore the past. We’re asked to bring back to life childhood memories, one of history’s memorable moments, or a religious message from a previous generation.

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Custom Carvings

Have you ever dreamed of designing a project, but been unable to realize it? Roman’s Arts can help! We will sit down with you and guide you through every step of the way. From the initial drafts to the final masterpiece, you will be in complete control of the project. From small works such as custom picture frames, tables and chairs, to large projects such as entire entertainment centers, pillars, carousel horses and more, let us bring your dreams to reality.


Restoring priceless wooden antiques requires skill, dedication and a unique knowledge of the work. It is a specialty that not many can offer, much less deliver. Roman’s Arts is proud to have been entrusted in the restoration of many antiques, some over one hundred years old, to their original state. We have restored works of art from minimal damage to completely recreating them based off of photographs including antique furniture, carousel horses, and even historical buildings.


In every project, from start to finish, our clients are always involved. This is to ensure that their ideas are fully realized and brought to life just as they imagined.

Roman’s Arts has been designing high quality projects in many styles including: French, German, Italian, Greek, Egyptian, Japanese, and American. Whether you want all European style or a blend of far-east and west, Roman’s Arts is able to bring those ideas to life.


Roman’s Arts doesn’t just produce original works, we have often been tasked with reproducing some of the most beautiful wood work as well. No matter how difficult the project, it is a challenge we always relish. Just bring us pictures of the work you wish to have reproduced and you will have an exact replica. Many of our clients can’t distinguish between the original and the new work!



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Roman’s Arts is honored and privileged to have worked on some of the most beautiful and high profile projects in the world. We pride ourselves on the ability to do any project, no matter how difficult. Let the experts at Roman’s Arts help you find the best answers for your next project. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us by telephone or e-mail:

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